Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Favorites

It's Friday and it is Favorite time again..and these past few weeks haven't been about "things" - something about this time of year that makes me thankful and makes me reflect on life - not the things in it - but who I surround myself with and how loved I feel.

So this Friday Favorite is...

My life.

It truly amazes me how incredibly blessed I am to have my life. Things have dramatically changed in the past almost 2 years. New place to live, new job, new friends, and yet some things have remained constant - great old friends, a wonderful family, amazing Godparents and truly a wonderful relationship with myself.

I look at 2010 and think - wow. What an incredible year. My 27th year started out at S.tephan P.yles restaurant in Dallas. It was magical and to be incredibly honest- a fantastic way to start the year...and since then EVERYTHING has been just as wonderful.

From the many trips
Florida (twice)
Galveston (MANY times)
Big Bend
California (La Jolla!)
to name a few....

To the many celebrations:
Birth of Children

To one amazing pup that makes my heart smile...

TO the quiet moments at home - I love my life.

I'm so incredibly lucky to have my life. :) Hope y'all have a wonderful New Years!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Ok I caved...and I am now on Twitter...I am new to it..well kind of... I joined a LONG time ago and just recently started usinging it.

 I would love to get to know my "blog" friends! :)

I'm friendly I promise...and I really do want to get to know new people.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - Resolutions

Top 2 New Years Resolutions:

1. Cook more often at home, stay in more often.
WE try to menu plan weekly, but I would like to be better at it and only go out when we have planned for it in advance.

2. Use my gym more often. Yeah....must be done.

Weekend Wrapup - Birthday and Christmas

My birthday was wonderful. Almost everyone came out and truly I felt so special and so loved to be surrounded by my amazing friends. :)

For my birthday...B surprised me with something I never would have guessed as it is so not like him to indulge me in things like this....

A while back I sent him the link to the Hermes Twilly that I just fell in love with. :) I love it even more tied to my wrist! :)

For Christmas he surprised me with MY E-READER!!!!!!!!! OMG I don't know how I lived without it.
He also buys me ornaments every year...and this year he got me...

The Hallmark Cupcake Ornament - 1st in series - reminds me of our random trips to Sprinkles and Crave for cupcakes :)

and he got me 2 UT ornaments - one that is a flip flop to remind us of our beach vacations this year and one that is a GORGEOUS globe that has the tower, bevo and littlefield fountain. Truly I loved them. 

Oh and my parents bought me the watch I I guess I got everything on my Christmas list...I suppose I was Good this year ;)

This Christmas was lovely. B went to his parents and I went to mine. I got to have dinner with my brother one evening and it was wonderful. We caught back up on life and ate TONS of sushi...

My mom's surgery went well and she was pretty out of it for Christmas, but all in all, it was good and I am gald she's ok.

And now on to NEW YEARS! :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Favorites

Instead of Friday Favorites...

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today is my 28th Birthday.

One...I cannot believe I am 28! It seems so "adult" ...not old...just ADULT. Yes I know at 25, 22 etc I was an adult as well, but it seems this year I feel like I'm no longer a young adult. I guess I wasn't a young adult last year, but this year it hit me. Wow...I'm 28!

But 27 was the best year of my life. Truly...the best. Yes bad things happened, but many many wonderful things happened and I look back and just think wow. This is my life. I am so incredibly blessed.

Last year I spent my birthday with my Godparents. This year I will spend it with my friends and my little brother as he is in town.

Also...please pray for my mom, she's having surgery today and while it is minor, she still has to be put under and I just worry about that. I know it will all be ok, but if you are the praying kind, please put her in your prayers. My dad is going to be taking care of her tonight while my brother and I are out with my friends to celebrate my birthday.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New year, new look?

I want a new look for my blog...anyone know anyone or have any recommendations someone? I can write...I cannot make a blog page!

Weekend Wrapup

I moved this past weekend. I have no idea where most of my stuff is...but I am in the city, near work and I have a place with an attached garage. I love it. Not to mention B is about 1 mile away...not too shabby.

We also had "Christmas" between the two of us since he is going to be going to his parents on the 23-26. It was fun. We made a fire in his fireplace, opened presents, made dinner and just enjoyed each others company. And..for those that are interested...He got me my e-reader!! (and a few other things!) Truly I am so blessed.

I think I have said it from the beginning - but truly as every day passes I look at my life and I am 100% happy. I couldn't have a better life than the one I have.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - Memories

It is already that time again...


Today's Top 2  - 

Top 2 Favorite Christmas Memories

1. My brother and I ALWAYS watch A Christmas Story together. I love it. Even now as "adults" we do this. We would also watch "Santa Claus" but this has ceased in the past few years.

2. My brother and I always tell each other what mom and dad got us. We are not good at keeping secrets so usually when one of us finds out what mom and dad got the other, we call them up and tell them. This has happened since we were little. If he would be with my parents when they bought my gifts, he'd come home and tell me and vice versa. I'm not sure if my parents know this, but it's always fun :)

As you can see...most things when it comes to Tradition/memories my brother is part of. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Favorites



I love getting mail...especially letters from friends. I have saved most of the letters and cards I have been given in my lifetime.

Sometimes, when I am feeling down...I open that box up and read cards, letters and even some email that touched my heart. It just makes me smile.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday ...on a Monday! - GAMES

It is that time of the week again...TOP 2 TUESDAY

This week is it...TOP 2 FAVORITE GAMES....

1. Catch Phrase - I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS fun and I love partner games!

2. Poker. I love poker and it is so much fun with a big group of people...who don't take themselves too seriously!

Weekend Wrapup

This weekend was fun...

THursday I had a dental appointment and I was left bruised with a swollen cheek. It was not pleasant! I went home early from work on Friday because it hurt so much. SO Friday was a bust of a day for me.

Saturday was B's Office Holiday Party - SO FUN and the food is out of this world. I easily could have gained 20 lbs! He works with some really great people.

Sunday we lazed around, went grocery shopping and made a Gingerbread house...we are NOT talented at icing gingerbread houses AT ALL. It was a disaster but fun - I am always laughing with him. It makes my heart smile!
Sunday evening my friend L had a dinner party - it was great seeing all of the girls and meeting everyone's significant others. I just had a wonderful time.

Too bad my face is still puffy and my cheek is black and blue! At least it doesn't hurt anymore!

I cannot wait - move day is fast approaching and I know once I have my place decorated I will post LOTS of pictures. I cannot wait. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Favorites

Today's Friday Favorite isn't something you can go buy or's favorite is...

MY little Brother. He isn't that little anymore and that makes me sad. In fact, he is a second year law student at a very good law school somewhere East of Texas. (Vague I know!)

Throughout the past almost 25 years (geez he's almost 25!) he has been the best brother I could ever ask for. As we were growing up our parents never let us bring friends on trips- that's why we had a brother/sister and so we got along (mostly!) It was fun traveling together - and my parents "cut us loose" a lot. We had to stay together but could meet them back in 2 hours. It was great.

This time of year I get all sentimental because we don't see each other often - ever since I left for College it has been every few months and then stretched further to 3 times a year. It makes me sad but at the same time - I love how we have stayed in touch - email, texting, calling each other. I feel very fortunate that we WANT to see each other and that we WANT to stay in touch. He is coming in town right before my birthday and leaving right after Christmas. I cannot wait to spend quality time with him. B will be with his family and his B (his gf's name also starts with a B!) will be with her family. SO my little brother and I will party on my birthday together, go get sushi together one night, watch a Christmas story and probably lament together that our parents drive us crazy but that we are so incredibly lucky to have each other, amazing parents and truly wonderful lives.

B, Me and my little brother last year celebrating my birthday with Roger Creager! 

My little brother and myself on my ACTUAL birthday in Dallas. 

Fill in the blank Friday

It's already Friday again...which means....  FILL IN THE BLANK FRIDAY

1. I WISH.... everyone felt loved and cared for. I know that many people in this world don't know TRUE love and I wish everyone did.

2. YESTERDAY I... went to the I look like a chipmunk!

3. TODAY I WILL... enjoy it being Friday. Spend time with Roxy and B and just relax!

4. TOMORROW I WILL... be primping for B's work's holiday party - it is Tres Chic and wonderful and I am super excited about it!

5. MAYBE... I will try to return some things this weekend...I bought a few things online because there are MASSIVE SALES but A few things just didn't look right.

6. SOMEDAY... I hope to be orangized again!

7. I LOVE... my life. Truly I feel I am so blessed!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher

Has anyone bought anything from this company before?

I bought a few things a while back and I have to say I am SUPER impressed. I don't like body washes and lotions that are too perfumey and so far I am in love with the stuff I bought - and all of it was on sale (apparently they are like B.ath and B.ody W.orks as in give it time and everything goes on sale)

Just wondering if anyone else has bought from them before...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - Ornaments

IT's already TUESDAY (ok MONDAY) but Top 2 Tuesday is HERE....

Top 2 Favorite Christmas Ornaments!

1. My Longhorn ones that B got me last year!

2. My Hallmark "A Christmas Story" leg lamp one. It reminds me of how every year my little brother and I would watch that movie together. I love that movie. "You'll shoot your eye out"

Weekend Wrapup

This weekend was my Company's Holiday Party. It was a lot of fun and I'm slowly getting to know my new coworkers. After the party B and I went for Sushi...DELISH and then we zonked out early for  Friday night.

Saturday had me running errands and decorating for Christmas. I don't go "all out" just a few things here and there to make it more festive...and a tree...which has yet to go up. Saturday night we met the usuals out at C.edar C.reek. I love that bar/grill place. It is just so nice and reminds me of Austin.

Sunday we ran errands and went to the mall- poor B was SO overwhelmed! WE cooked a FANTASTIC dinner together and crashed. Pork tenderloin with apples! MMM!!!

Question out there for everyone - B needs new jeans and well, where is a good place to find mens jeans that  Don't have holes in them (he can wear jeans to work...must be nice to be a geologist!)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

Lauren has another Fill in the Blank Friday!

1. Holiday Spirit - makes me smile. I love how people are nicer and just happy.

2.  The Holidays are incomplete without  - family. Family is the center of my world.

3. My favorite things to do around the holidays are -  baking and taking it all in. I love being with family and friends. I cherish those moments.

4. A holiday tradition my family and I have - my bother and I stay up late on Christmas Eve and watch movies.

5.  Holiday music - makes me smile. I LOVE IT.

6.  This year I'll be spending the holidays -  at my parents house. My brother is coming in from Atlanta and I am so excited.

7. Holiday wish list -  a new watch, a en e-reader, and mostly time. Time with my family and loved ones.

Friday Favorites

I know it has been a while, but I am trying to get back on track with my life and my blog. So here we go...

Avene's Cold Cream Lip is my favorite.

I know I have talked about different lipsticks etc, but when it comes to my lips being so chapped they hurt, this is what I turn to. I discovered it for myself when I was 16 and in Paris for the first time with my mom. I love going overseas and venturing into their pharmacies. It was Winter in Paris still (It was March) and my lips were dry so I bought this and my world...or lips I should say, changed. It is THICK and heavy and yes it makes my lips a little less pink but IT SOOTHES. I LOVE IT! Now you can get it in the states...used to not be able to and whenever someone I knew was headed across the pond I would ask them for it!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Weekend Wrapup- Florida Thanksgiving

So our Thanksgiving took place in Florida this year. Actually the weekend before Thanksgiving B and I headed up to Dallas to have an early Thanksgiving with his grandparents. B is an only child as is his father, which makes him the only grandkid - If Grandma wants you there, you go. It was great. The food was delicious and OMG her cookies are AMAZING. We had our "traditional" meal early.

So we left on Wednesday the 24th for Sunny Florida. His parents picked us up from the Palm Beach airport (they had been there since Sunday) and we headed for the boat in Delray.

Thursday morning we woke up LATE. (I was asleep until past 9, which is unheard of for me.)  B and I headed to breakfast at Boheme Bistro - delish french toast! We picked up what we thought were Chocolate Brioche for his parents and headed back to the boat. We spent the day out at Boca Lake just relaxing and cooked some burgers and just had a great time. For our actual Thanksgiving- we went ITALIAN! Vic and Angelos in Delray was so incredibly good- I mean lick the plate omg delicious- I had four cheese pear tortelloni...SO good.

Friday we slept in and spent the day out and about in Delray. B and I had breakfast at Caffe Luna Rosa on Ocean Blvd. DELISH pancakes.  We went to different shops and just relaxed. We walked down Atlanic Ave and tried all of the "you just gotta try it" things. We had conch fritters (LOVE) and we had mini a Linda Bean Lobster Roll. Too much good food in Florida!   B and I walked a little bit on the beach, took a nap and I got to finish the book I was reading. Saturday night we all headed to a Greek Restaurant that B has been talking about FOREVER. It's called Greek Islands Taverna and it is in Fort Lauderdale. SO GOOD. We had saganaki, shrimp, octopus, chicken, steak, and I am sure more things that I can't think of right now.

Saturday we headed out early to take the boat to a different Marina - we went from Delray to Palm Beach Gardens. It was nice being out on the open water and just relaxing. Dinner was at Carmines and was good - and a nice hop skip and a jump from the boat! :)

As you can see...we ate A LOT...and it was so good...but the Greek Restaurant was by far the very best Greek Food I've had since I was in Greece!

Overall, it was just a nice relaxing trip. I needed it!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Trying to catch up!

With the new job, holidays and life is hectic and I haven't had time to breathe - ok so I was in Florida for Thanksgiving and breathing JUST FINE - but now we are back and I am trying to catch my breath before the big move - ok big for me because I am moving into the City and I am super exicted about my new place...for so many reasons...including
  • it has a garage. It is an apartment but I have my very own garage ATTACHED to my apartment. Think townhouse-ish. SUPER STOKED!
  • The kitchen is HUGE - so I FINALLY will get to use all of my girly platters and all of my fabulous cookware.
  • The bathroom is amazing. Garden tub, huge vanity.
  • I have not one but TWO closets in my bedroom. I still have a coat closet at the front so I think one is going to be a shoe and accessories closet and the other is for clothes.
  • I get to have accent walls. Seriously...this does make me excited BECAUSE I get to HAVE COLOR ON MY WALLS!
  • 24 hour gym. excuses now.
  • It is about 2.2 miles from work. LOVE not having a commute!
  • Lastly - It is less than one mile from B's place.  This makes me happy.

Also- it is 21 days until MY BIRTHDAY!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday ...on a Monday!

For some reason, come Monday afternoon, I check the blogs and see that Taylor has posted the Top 2 Tuesday and therefore...I do it. 

So without further adieu...

Top 2 Cleaning or Organization Tips/Tricks

1. When I am organizing I put everything in bags. For example if I am cleaning up the kitchen and dining room - I have a bag for "bedroom" "bathroom" "garage" and "living room" so at first go through anything IN the kitchen or dining room that should go into any of those rooms I put those items in those bags. At the end of finishing that room, I take those bags to their respective places to then put those items away.

2. Whenever I check the mail I open it all IMMEDIATELY and throw away/ recycle  anything I don't need. That way it never comes in and makes a mess on the kitchen counter!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


B and I are headed to Florida for Thanksgiving. We are spending it with his parents on his parents boat. I think it will be great fun. I haven't been able to get to know his parents so well since they don't live in our city so I am glad that I will get the opportunity.

Things I am thankful for:

1. My family. Without my family, I would be lost. They are so supportive and loving. Sure they drive me crazy but where would I be without them?!

2. My brother. Sure he goes with family, but my little brother and I are close and I am so lucky to have him as a brother and a friend. I'm truly blessed and my world was a better place the moment he was born.

3. My friends. It goes without saying that they are the "family I got to pick"

4. B. He's patient, kind and most of all - such a loving and supportive man. I know I drive him crazy but truly I am so thankful he taught me what a loving and happy relationship is.

5. My health. It isn't always great but I don't take it for granted!

6. Freedom. Freedom isn't free and I am so thankful for those who allowed me to be free.

7. Food, Shelter and stability. There are people without these things and I am thankful to have them. I only hope that everyone can.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday....on a Monday

It's that time again...TOP 2 TUESDAY!!!
I know I have been gone A LOT and haven't participated as much as I would like goes...

Top 2 Things on your Christmas List (or 3!)

1. I'd love an I-pad, Kindle or the like. I love to read and I think it would be great to have something to take me with all of the time that could have LOTS of books on it and take up not so much space!

2. I'd love a new watch.

3. I'd love a GYM membership. I bought a groupon to a new gym in town to try out a few classes and hope to do that in January. After that I would love to find a place that I enjoy going to and enjoy working out at. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cooking Class

B and I took a cooking class last night. It was amazing. So much fun! We made Morroccan food. DELISH!!!

I wasn't so sure about this cooking class thing, but it ended up being VERY hands on and we met a lot of people and laughed the entire night.

Oh and we left SO STUFFED. So delish!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time is flying by!

Time is really flying by these days. I truly can't believe it is almost time for me to head to Florida! B and I are going to FL with his parents to their boat. I think it will be a nice fun getaway. Since I started the new job I don't really have vacation days this year so I am making every day that we have off for holidays count! :)

Currently I am trying to find a new apartment. This is challenging. Hopefully I will be all moved in by Christmas!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

has done it again with a fill in the blank Friday...and FINALLY my life has settled enough for me to join again!!

1. My last haircut was.... about 3 weeks ago - I cut off almost 6 inches!! YIKES!

2. My most daring hair moment was.... when I was little. I cut off my ponytail. Yes I wanted short hair. My mom said no, so I cut it myself. My mom cried.

3. A hairstyle I'd never be brave enough to try is....a short pixie cut.

4. I've always dreamt of being a .... I used to want to be blonde...but I think I'd look weird.

5. My go to hair-do is ..... long, straightened with a curl on the end.

6. My biggest hair disaster was....I went to someone that had never cut curly hair, so when it was wet it was right at my shoulders, dry- right at my chin and it looke like a triangle.

7. A hairstyle I'm dying to try is...I want to grow it takes forever.

8. My best hair day was .... I have no idea. I have a love hate relationship with my hair.

9. The worst hairstyle I ever had was.... when I chopped it all off when I was 5.

10. My hair is....super thick, curly, dark with natural highlights everywhere, it drives me crazy but in the end though - I love it.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

chchchchch changes.

I cannot believe almost a month has gone by!

To catch up - I've moved, gotten a new job and this past weekend B and I celebrated one glorious year together.

I have been at the job for a week and so far, so good. Just learning new things and meeting TONS of new people.

I will be moving again in a few months, but for now my temporary place keeps me calm, collected and not stressed!

Lastly - one amazing year with B. I am beyond blessed to have him in my life and truly every single day I love him more and appreciate him more. It is wonderful.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Lulu and Daisy is having a giveaway - I am super excited about it because I think a picture of Roxy would look fabulous in my apartment....go check it out...and if you don't win you can still go to Lilly Delilly  and have a painting done of your pooch! :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

REI Garage Sale

B and I went to the REI garage sale this weekend. IT WAS AMAZING.  2 pairs of hiking boots for $14.83 each! B got a new sleeping bag and North Face luggage. I got hiking boots, a head flashlight and bought him a pair of Sandals.

I love REI. Not as much as I love Banana Republic or Anthroplogie but it is slowly making it's way up the list!

On another note...UT lost 2 games in a row and we aren't ranked for the first time since before I attended...I am sad. VERY sad.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Favorite- makeup

I love makeup - no lie. So lately I have been using my MAC Carbon (ie black) eye shadow along with the MAC 266 small angle brush to create my eyeliner and I love it. I am pretty good at it and it stays ALL DAY and doesn't smudge....LOVE IT.

Brush link


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Picture post of Colorado-
It was beautiful. The Aspens were changing and truly it was perfect weather!

And at the end I realized - we took ZERO pictures together - at least I know his grandfather has a few! :)

Big Bend picture post

Over labor day I mentioned that B and I went to Big Bend - but I never had the time to post some photos so here goes...

Friends of ours- scouting a trail I think...

Our campsite

The mercury mine

The mountains

The cactus were in full bloom!

One of the trails

The tunnel - I just loved this!

Blogging Break

I have been somewhat lazy in my blogging...for lots of reasons - I am super busy in my "real" life that I haven't had time to document it in my blog.

B and I were in Colorado last week for a trip with his grandfather. It was so much fun - and truly I needed it.

I will be back on a more continally basis shortly - with a lot of updates about my life - but for now I just have to learn patience. It is hard on me. The past few months have been taxing on me as a whole. I just need to BREATHE. :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Favorite

Today's Friday Favorite is....

Favorite Movie...

MY all time hands down favorite movie is


What is yours?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Favorite hair products:

1. Brazilian Blowout Shampoo

2. Brazilian Blowout Conditioner

Every since I got the Brazillian Blowout about 2 months ago those are the only 2 products I use in my unruly curly, frizzy hair...ever since I got the Brazillizn Blowout I have had fantastic, shiny, non frizzy amazing hair. What used t be an hour of getting my hair to do what I is now literally 10 minutes.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

When I get a day to myself I like to...Read. ALL DAY.

High school was... fun and I enjoyed it...but I love my life more now. I feel sorry for those who look at high school as one of the best times in their lives....there is soooooooo much more out there!

A little dream I have is... to travel to Australia. I know to some this is a BIG dream, but for me it's a little dream as I love to travel and I know I will somehow manage to do this, even if it means no shopping for a year!

A big dream I have is... finding the right person to be married to forever. I say this is a big dream because with 65% of marriages ending in divorce, I would like to NOT be a statistic, thank you very much.

If I could drive any car my pick would be... the car I have right now. I love it.

A time I felt truly beautiful was... I don't know. I always feel a little pretty in someway. I guess the last time I felt overwhelmingly beautiful was a while ago...hmm...

Tomorrow I will... watch the Longhorns, sleep in, drink coffee and read. :)