Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today is my 28th Birthday.

One...I cannot believe I am 28! It seems so "adult" ...not old...just ADULT. Yes I know at 25, 22 etc I was an adult as well, but it seems this year I feel like I'm no longer a young adult. I guess I wasn't a young adult last year, but this year it hit me. Wow...I'm 28!

But 27 was the best year of my life. Truly...the best. Yes bad things happened, but many many wonderful things happened and I look back and just think wow. This is my life. I am so incredibly blessed.

Last year I spent my birthday with my Godparents. This year I will spend it with my friends and my little brother as he is in town.

Also...please pray for my mom, she's having surgery today and while it is minor, she still has to be put under and I just worry about that. I know it will all be ok, but if you are the praying kind, please put her in your prayers. My dad is going to be taking care of her tonight while my brother and I are out with my friends to celebrate my birthday.