Monday, December 27, 2010

Weekend Wrapup - Birthday and Christmas

My birthday was wonderful. Almost everyone came out and truly I felt so special and so loved to be surrounded by my amazing friends. :)

For my birthday...B surprised me with something I never would have guessed as it is so not like him to indulge me in things like this....

A while back I sent him the link to the Hermes Twilly that I just fell in love with. :) I love it even more tied to my wrist! :)

For Christmas he surprised me with MY E-READER!!!!!!!!! OMG I don't know how I lived without it.
He also buys me ornaments every year...and this year he got me...

The Hallmark Cupcake Ornament - 1st in series - reminds me of our random trips to Sprinkles and Crave for cupcakes :)

and he got me 2 UT ornaments - one that is a flip flop to remind us of our beach vacations this year and one that is a GORGEOUS globe that has the tower, bevo and littlefield fountain. Truly I loved them. 

Oh and my parents bought me the watch I I guess I got everything on my Christmas list...I suppose I was Good this year ;)

This Christmas was lovely. B went to his parents and I went to mine. I got to have dinner with my brother one evening and it was wonderful. We caught back up on life and ate TONS of sushi...

My mom's surgery went well and she was pretty out of it for Christmas, but all in all, it was good and I am gald she's ok.

And now on to NEW YEARS! :)

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