Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Trying to catch up!

With the new job, holidays and life is hectic and I haven't had time to breathe - ok so I was in Florida for Thanksgiving and breathing JUST FINE - but now we are back and I am trying to catch my breath before the big move - ok big for me because I am moving into the City and I am super exicted about my new place...for so many reasons...including
  • it has a garage. It is an apartment but I have my very own garage ATTACHED to my apartment. Think townhouse-ish. SUPER STOKED!
  • The kitchen is HUGE - so I FINALLY will get to use all of my girly platters and all of my fabulous cookware.
  • The bathroom is amazing. Garden tub, huge vanity.
  • I have not one but TWO closets in my bedroom. I still have a coat closet at the front so I think one is going to be a shoe and accessories closet and the other is for clothes.
  • I get to have accent walls. Seriously...this does make me excited BECAUSE I get to HAVE COLOR ON MY WALLS!
  • 24 hour gym. excuses now.
  • It is about 2.2 miles from work. LOVE not having a commute!
  • Lastly - It is less than one mile from B's place.  This makes me happy.

Also- it is 21 days until MY BIRTHDAY!

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