Couples Challenge - 101 in 1001 part 2

Our Married Adventures
I have been doing the Day Zero project since August of 2008.

We finished our first one on February 6, 2016.
We didn't get as much accomplished as we would have liked -  we had 33 things we didn't do that we wanted to of the 101 things. However - we did get married, buy a new home and sell our old home. That in itself was a huge accomplishment.

So now we are starting 101 in 1001 part 2. Some are the same and some will be different.

Start Date: July 1, 2016

End Date: March 29, 2019


1.Go to Asia or Cuba
2. Go whitewater rafting
3. Go to NYC
4. Go camping some place we've never been
5. Take the Hill Country Wine tour
6. Camp in Big Bend
7. Go to the Beach twice
8. Go to a UT football game
9.  Go to Jamaica (April 2016 to Rene's wedding)
10. Go on a road trip 
11. See the Northern Lights
12. Float the River
13. Go to another Bahamian Island we have never been (Highbourne Cay July 2016)
14. See Brooklyn
15. Go to Austin
16. Go to the Texas State fair (we went with my brother's family and had a blast October 2016)
17. Go on a Family vacation (we went on the boat with B's family July 2016)

18. Finish decorating our Master Bedroom
19. Watch a movie at Ipic
20. Make ice cream from scratch
21. Make bread from scratch
22. 5 DIY projects
23. Buy a case of wine
24. Make sushi together (January 2017)
25. Make a list of the places we want to go worldwide - in order of importance
26. Make a gallery wall in our home of photos of places we have been
27. Organize the garage
28. Make the bed every day for a month (January 2017!) 
29. Build something out of wood 
30. Make a Gingerbread house (Christmas 2016 with Caroline!) 
31. Carve a pumpkin
32. Finish decorating our Living room
33. Get one room ready for a nursery and the other as a joint guest room / office
34. Make a pie from scratch
35. Update our Front porch
36. Stay at home all day (January 2017)
37. Make a dish from a different country every month for a year
38. Frame pictures from our wedding

39. Host a game night
40. Take a tour of Houston's Chinatown
41. Have a no spend fun day in Houston (January 2017)
42. Go to Bingo by our house
43. Go to Dave and Busters
44. Shoot darts and drink beer
45. Play the lottery 10 times 
46. Visit the Rothko Chapel
47. See the Houston Rodeo
48. Plant a tree
49. Play putt-putt
50. See an Imax
51. Do something at Discovery Green
52. Try 4 new Wines
53. Attend Trivia night at a bar
54. Visit the Houston Museum of Fine Arts
55. Go to a wine tasting
56. Take Roxy to the Dog Park x 10 
57. Buffalo Bayou paddling trail
58. See the San Jacinto Battleground
59. Take Roxy on a walk to get coffee x 10
60. See the Beer Can House
61. Walk around a neighborhood we've never walked around
62. Eat at a 4 Star Restaurant
63. Try 10 new restaurants
64. See the Houston Symphony

65. Go through our entire house and donate household items we don't use
66. Pick an Angel from the Angel tree at Christmas
67. Pay for someone behind us in a drive thru
68. Donate $100 to a cause we believe in (Matt's scholarship)
69. Donate dog food/supplies to CAP
70. Run a 5k for Charity
71. Help with the Ronald McDonald House
72. Go through both of our closets and donate items we don’t use
73. Buy 10 bags of food at the grocery store for the Houston Food Bank

74. 2 separate months of not drinking Sunday-Thursday
75. Together do 100 sit ups everyday for a month
76. Have a vegan day
77. Try Acai bowls 
78. 8 separate weeks without alcohol
79. Go on 2 separate hikes while on vacation
80. No drive thrus for 30 days
81. Try 5 new vegetables
82. Stay in and cook dinner every weeknight for a month
83. Buy produce only from the co-op or farmers market for 2 months
84. Donate blood

85. Celebrate our Anniversary in a small way (2016)
86. Celebrate our Anniversary in a big way
87. Do an entire month straight of our couple's Diary
88. Have a Sunset Picnic
89. Walk on the beach
90. Spend a tech free day together
91. Plan our next out of country adventure - (Jamaica 2016) 
92. Take a cooking class together
93. Go on a bike ride
94. Decorate a Christmas tree together(Christmas 2016)
95. Give each other 2 cards just because
96. Walk to dinner from our House
97. Have 10 coffee dates
98. Walk to Breakfast from our house
99. Pay off all debt except mortgage
100. Say I love you every single day
101. Make another list to start when this one ends

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