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Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Five

B comes home tonight. B has been traveling like crazy for work - in fact it is the 20th of the month and he has slept in his own bed only 2 nights this month. I am so ready for my husband to be home for a while.

Girls night. Tonight is our monthly girls night and I am so ready to catch up with my girlfriends. We are all sorority sisters and were in the sorority during the same years, but we didn't all become friends until a few years after graduation when we all lived in the same city. It is really fun to meet up with the girls and catch up on life.

The downstairs is almost completely painted. My dad and I have been working hard on it this month. I hope by early October it is completed and then B and I can start on the furnishings! (Like I said, we are doing this very slowly - which is why it is taking some time.

Rain. It has been raining like crazy and I love it. I sleep so much better in the rain!

Date night is Saturday or Sunday brunch, we haven't decided.  See number one and you will see why I am so excited about a date with my husband! I'm a lover of brunch- he is a lover of sleeping in and I also know he really wants a home cooked meal- good thing I've already planned the next week of our meals as I know he wants nothing to do with restaurants!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Favorites

I have a few favorites this week:

1. I have a TON of hair products. I ran out of one and just started using another one and I love it. I have really curly, really thick hair. I like wearing it curly. I got this as a sample I think in a birchbox or something and this stuff is amazing! And I know I am not the demographic this product is aimed towards- but I do not care. THIS STUFF IS AWESOME.

2. We went to Tony's Mexican Restaurant last night and they have the very best Chicken Tortilla Soup - $6. SO GOOD.

3.  Labello Fruity Shine. I found this in the bottom of my makeup drawer (I am slowly trying to actually use all of my makeup). It is the perfect color and shine for my lips.

4. Hanging out with my best friend. We met up for dinner last week and I just love her to pieces. She gets me. Everyone needs a friend like that. 

5. I'm going to a craft fair tomorrow and I cannot wait to see what they have!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

4 Months....MARRIED that is.

As of yesterday, B and I have been married 4 months.

Time is flying by, but I wanted to reflect on how wonderful the last 4 months have been.

I never grew up thinking about the wedding I would have - I grew up wondering what kind of person my future husband would be. Lucky for me he is better than anything I ever imagined.

B's been traveling a lot lately and it really makes me miss him. Usually it isn't so back to back but for the next month or so he is only in town a few days at a time. It's ok though, we pack a lot into those few days!

I wake up every morning in disbelief that I am a wife! I love the feeling of knowing he is my husband. While in my heart I already felt like he was the one - saying the vows and making it real - it changed something.

I simply adore my husband.

I was out to dinner with friends who were talking about having to fix this or that around their house because their husbands or boyfriends weren't handy and they looked at me and I smiled. I knew that was not an issue with us. I also let it be known as I always have that I don't think we should talk about the negative things about the ones we love. I think we should build them up. I think they understood what I was getting at.

B can fix anything. We have two jet skis and an extra car that proves that! :) The extra car was bought recently as a project for him. It has been nice seeing him doing something he really loves. Not that he needs more projects- but cars are his hobby/passion outside of geology.  He has also fixed our garage opener, our dryer, our overhead vent and countless of other things in the time we have been together. I have learned quite a bit from him!

I feel lucky. Lucky that we've had such a wonderful 4 months, lucky that in October we will have been together 4 years and lucky that back when I was 21 years old, I met a guy who grew into a man who I had no idea would one day be my husband. I'm so grateful for our friendship but I am so blessed by his love.

Friday, September 6, 2013

5 on Friday


I am loving the fall starbucks drinks being out. Granted it is 100+ degrees out, so I have only indulged in a Salted Caramel Frappucino

Müller Greek Corner Honeyed Apricot - this stuff is so good!

That tomorrow is game day.

That our downstairs is almost completely painted. We decided to DIY it as it would cost over $1500 to paint it not including supplies and B, my dad and I said "we can do it". Yes it has taken 10000% longer, but in the end that gives us $1500 more towards something else!

I get to spend time with the parents this weekend.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Project 333

In the past few months, I have been reading a lot about minimalism and simplifying. I came across project 333 - it is called project 333 because you choose 33 items to wear in your wardrobe for 3 months. I have decided to do a "modified" or "cheating" version of this.

The real rules are here:


I have modified it for myself - I chose 33 clothing items (this doesn't include jewelry, shoes, accessories or tights) and I am starting there.

Over the 3 days weekend I went through my closet and chose 33 items for me to wear from 1 September - 30 November. I also am not including my winter coat (as I live in Texas and I will probably only need it a handful of times.)

I know some people will call this cheating - but for me- I am doing this more for myself to come up with outfits within my closet. I am also making Polyvore sets of each day so that I can look back and see how many different outfits I can make with these options.

Part of this exercise is also about simplifying my life. I hope to every Sunday pick out all of my outfits (head to toe including underpinnings and jewelry and shoes) for each day so that my morning routine is easy. So far- 3 days in - I love it.

Here are my outfits for the past 3 days:


While this is by no means a "fashion blog" - obviously I am very boring with my fashion- I am using it as a place to document this journey - and all of my other ones.
IN the process of this entire undertaking - I donated 2 bags of clothing - clothes that I do not wear and know someone else needs.  B and I also did this in our kitchen as well - we don't need various sets of plates, silverware etc. Slowly I am trying to get our "stuff" under control and make life more about living instead of cleaning and organizing! 

Monday, September 2, 2013