Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm in a rut. With a bum shoulder - oh I didn't ever write about that...I have a slightly torn rotator cuff - which means im in physical therapy, which also means I feel so incredibly weak and my shoulder is sore ALL OF THE TIME. I will say it has gotten so much better...SO MUCH BETTER...but I have my days. Soon hopefully it will all be a distant memory!

As for all the rest of it - im in a rut. A cooking rut, an after work routine rut and just in general feeling blah. So...I'm trying to get out of it. I want to try new things- I love Cooking light magazine and I'm going to try to pull a few new recipes to try, I'm going to try to actually get things done after work instead of being lazy - but sometimes after work I'm not gonna lie - I only want to get dinner cooked and have a cocktail...cuz I'm classy like that. ;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 Vacations!

As I mentioned last year - We went to La Jolla.
B travels a lot for work. He gets to go to really fun and awesome places and sometimes I get to meet him for a long weekend in those fun places.We went to California and Colorado last year...and this year he is going back to La Jolla.

I am meeting him at the end of the week...I couldn't be more excited.

We are staying at the Grande Colonial Inn. I fell in love with this hotel last year and cannot wait to go back.

So we have now started planning the trips of far - we have Padre Island (for camping), La Jolla, Florida and the Bahamas and who knows what else. I must say...2011 is looking to be wonderful!

Monday, March 28, 2011

DayZero Project

I've received a TON of emails about the DayZero project - and truly it is a wonderful concept.

The real point of this project - to me is this - to stop waiting for this or that. To really plan out all of the things I want to buy, do, say, etc. It really helped me connect more with myself. I've always wanted to try some new things but I never got around to it - so I challenged myself - and gave myself a reasonable time to get them done. Sure I didn't get 100% done, but I did do a lot of things, that I hadn't done. Tried new things, planned out trips and truly enjoyed every one of them.

I've heard of 30 before 30 or 40 before 40 - all WONDERFUL ideas...just make sure you aren't 39.5 and only give yourself 6 months to do things that may not be reasonable - for example (don't put on there a trip to china, a trip to the bahamas, backpacking Machu Picchu and save $5k in our savings) as that would be incredibly difficult to accomplish (depending on your finances...I know it would not be feasable to me) but all the trips I put in mine - I have 2.5 years to plan, save and know that's where I want my money to go - not on a new pair of shoes - if that makes sense.

Truly - It was an amazing experience for me. Mostly though, through a rough period in my life, it helped me have goals, stay positive and enjoy life. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

101 in 1001...

Back on August 1, 2008 I started the DayZero project. Basically I set 101 goals, challenges and other things to do to accomplish by April 29, 2011.  It is 2.5 years later...while it isn't April 29, 2011...the next month is packed so I don't believe I will have time to get anymore of the goals done. Out of the 101 goals...only 9 were left undone. This makes me happy. While it wasn't 100% I am so happy with the results. of May 1 I will be doing another one. I am will post the new goals on a tab sometime in the next few days and I am so excited.

As for the one B and I are doing together - I think it is going wonderfully.

Life is good.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I feel that life is flying by and I am not taking the time to enjoy this week I am going to try to "stop and smell the roses"...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

TOP 2 Random things about me:

1.  I'm addicted to Reality TV...and I don't want to be! Actually...I am addicted to Bravo...not all reality TV. Mostly because I think "are people REALLY like that?"

2. I work in the Oil and Gas industry but in the insurance sector and I love it. Watching Vicki be excited about insurance is exactly how I feel. I know most people think it is incredibly boring - but me - I love it - and it is not nearly as boring as one would think!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am always asked "what are you giving up for lent this year" and usually it is "curse words" "chocolate" "coffee" but this year I wanted to do something different. I read about 40 bags in 40 days and I decided to participate.

I have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF...and simplifying could be incredibly helpful. So that's what I am doing. I am excited and nervous to let go of my "things."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

So I joined BambooPink and I wanted to pass along some information regarding it.

Bamboopink is a new fashionable, yet affordable jewelry line made and designed by a famous, high-end designer whose current line is sold in upscale department stores, is all over the red carpet and worn by Oprah! This company is the first of its kind, an internet launched company with virtual trunk shows…there are no parties to host and no phone calls to make.

Sign-ups are free, with no risks or obligations. The free signing period is only through March 15, after that you will have to pay to be a consultant.

What sets this company apart from other direct sales companies:

•GROUND FLOOR opportunity (probably won’t ever happen to you again!)

•Strongest company plan in the industry

•We have a very successful designer, multi-million dollar jeweler making & backing this jewelry, so it's sure to be successful.

•Instead of growing one sales rep at a time, this business model using the free sign-up period – we can grow fifty sales reps at a time – but the time to do that is NOW!

This company is going to explode in a few weeks with a national press release and official launch in April. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So be one of the first to sign up!

Then you can do the same as me and get credit for signing up your friends, which is what we are compensated for with jewelry, cash and/or an ipad. It is not about selling the jewelry at this point, but networking and creating interest. If you decide not to sell, you have lost nothing and your name is dropped from the list.

It’s simple to sign up, go to my site:

Copy this email (text and picture) into a new message and replace my webpage link with your webpage link and send it to your friends. You could win some awesome prizes and you could be building a fabulous network for yourself very quickly.


This page and its links are provided as an independent training resource for Consultants. The articles and resources provided at this site are for educational purposes. They may not have been evaluated by Bamboo Pink, Inc., and no endorsement or approval of the content is stated or implied.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last weekend was fun. So much fun.

Saturday was the Houston Livestock Show and Rode BBQ Championships...and I got tickets from work to our tent - which included unlimited food and drinks...not too shabby.

So off B and I went with two of our good friends (my childhood bff and her husband). It was great. We bought tickets to the carnival, rode the bumper cars, played all those random - throw the softball and knock over the milk jugs, make the basketball go into the oval hoop, toss washers over soda bottles, pop balloons with blunt darts - all of those ridiculous games. We also ate our fair share of fried oreos, fried snickers bar, ice cream, brisket, and of course a funnel cake. All in was great.  You can see that we did in fact win some prizes.