Monday, March 28, 2011

DayZero Project

I've received a TON of emails about the DayZero project - and truly it is a wonderful concept.

The real point of this project - to me is this - to stop waiting for this or that. To really plan out all of the things I want to buy, do, say, etc. It really helped me connect more with myself. I've always wanted to try some new things but I never got around to it - so I challenged myself - and gave myself a reasonable time to get them done. Sure I didn't get 100% done, but I did do a lot of things, that I hadn't done. Tried new things, planned out trips and truly enjoyed every one of them.

I've heard of 30 before 30 or 40 before 40 - all WONDERFUL ideas...just make sure you aren't 39.5 and only give yourself 6 months to do things that may not be reasonable - for example (don't put on there a trip to china, a trip to the bahamas, backpacking Machu Picchu and save $5k in our savings) as that would be incredibly difficult to accomplish (depending on your finances...I know it would not be feasable to me) but all the trips I put in mine - I have 2.5 years to plan, save and know that's where I want my money to go - not on a new pair of shoes - if that makes sense.

Truly - It was an amazing experience for me. Mostly though, through a rough period in my life, it helped me have goals, stay positive and enjoy life. :)

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LPC said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience.