Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last weekend was fun. So much fun.

Saturday was the Houston Livestock Show and Rode BBQ Championships...and I got tickets from work to our tent - which included unlimited food and drinks...not too shabby.

So off B and I went with two of our good friends (my childhood bff and her husband). It was great. We bought tickets to the carnival, rode the bumper cars, played all those random - throw the softball and knock over the milk jugs, make the basketball go into the oval hoop, toss washers over soda bottles, pop balloons with blunt darts - all of those ridiculous games. We also ate our fair share of fried oreos, fried snickers bar, ice cream, brisket, and of course a funnel cake. All in was great.  You can see that we did in fact win some prizes.


Heather said...

Love the rodeo! I'm headed there tonight. :)

Ann said...

how fun! I miss Texas brisket - I should look up a recipe....