Thursday, February 24, 2011

Need Help

So as I have mentioned a few times...My very best friend in the entire world is pregnant and is due in less than 3 weeks. We've had her baby shower and she was definetely showered with gifts and love...but I have a question for the mommies out there....

What is one thing that one of your friends did, gave you etc that truly helped right after the birth of your child? I am clueless in this department but I want to be helpful in any way possible.

Thanks in advance!


Andrea said...

One of the most helpful things is to organize dinners to be delivered, or at least to take dinner over one night. Getting dinner on the table with a newborn is sooo hard.
Also, nobody has ever offered for me, but I think if I had a close enough friendship, I would love to have help with basic house cleaning and laundry, etc, so that I could spend more time with the baby.
Lastly, before the baby is born, I'd say the thing I longed for most was just to have my toes done! Maybe you could take her out and you could have pedis together! It's so hard to reach the toes... haha

Ann said...

Ditto on Andrea's post...all really great suggestions.

I agree dinner is #1...even if you order pizza one night, that is great...but if you are in the same circle of friends and can organize say 6 meals or so, to be delivered every other day - maybe not immediately when they come home from the hospital, but when her family leaves, that might be a good time too.

Diapers and wipes are totally practical - is so convenient, because you get free shipping and they just come to your house in bulk.

In terms of products, she probably has all the "stuff" like the boppy, and the bouncy, swing, etc. but I think with her first, you get really sentimental and like all the "fluff" - so monogrammed and personalized baby items are really crowd pleasers! Ebay and etsy are great places to get personalized items inexpensively. Good luck ~ you are a good friend!