Friday, February 18, 2011

Texas Longhorns

Kelly is having a "show us your life" - Alma Maters - edition and I wanted to join in!

I went to The University of Texas- Austin. I loved it. I loved every second of it. When I was growing up, I visited Austin with my family and I fell in love. I love the Hill Country, I love that Austin has live music every where and I loved my time in Austin.

 I was in a sorority and I met some of my very best friends there.

This was taken at our 80th year on campus at UT. It was a great celebration!

These are my 2 very best friends - K and V.
K still lives in Austin and V and I party it up in H-town!

While I don't have any college pictures to show...I can show you a few pictures of the fabulous people I met while in College.

Girls get together in Dallas!

 My Friend KM with one of her sons!

My friend S. Love her, and I miss her - too bad she lives far far away.

All of those girls I met at UT. Too bad I don't have more pictures on hand as I am missing quite a few people! While at UT - we went to frat parties, had girls nights, watch movies together, went out to eat, and truly had a WONDERFUL time...but we also did this...

 TUBING down the it.

As an alum - I have met lots of people and reconnected with other people. I love our Alum events, I love watching the football games, basketball games #1 at the moment and everything else.

Lastly..I met the love of my life there. While I wasn't smitten when we first met, I am so glad we became friends and are who we are today.  


Tamar SB said...

What great memories and pictures! The tubing looks super fun!

Tamar (linking from Kelly's blog!)

Heather said...

Hook 'em! Love it. I found you on Kelly's blog.

Laura said...


Ann said...

hook 'em horns! Looks like so much fun ~ I love that blue dress with the flower you are waring in Dallas - gorgeous!

KatherineBee said...

Love reading these! My best friend's sister goes to UT and absolutely loves it. She's an Alpha Phi there and always sends me the best shirts.

Nicole Rodriguez said...

I am a fellow Texas Girl! LOVE being from Texas - it's our own BIG country!!! My family is full of Texas Alum, sadly I'm not one of them :( God had other plans for me! Oh, and tubing has to be one of the best past-times of Texans!!!

The Scott Family said...
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The Scott Family said...

I found your blog through Kelly's, and as a fellow Texas girl, I wanted to stop by and say Hook Em!

Beth Dunn said...

Awesome pictures!