Friday, February 11, 2011


Tidbits on my mind:

I'm walking like an old person today because my quads are killing me. I have to use arm strength to get out of my office chair. I am so happy I have an office so people don't look at me funny!

My credit card number was stolen. Yes this sucks- no they didn't get any goods. I couldn't use it yesterday due to it being declined. So I called the company and they asked me if I tried to purchase $8,500 at Tiffany's online. I said no, but what were they trying to buy. I was curious- the lady on the phone wasn't amused and said my card was cancelled, to shred it and another will be sent to me. I just wanted to know what the thief wanted!!!

I made spaghetti squash- 2 times in a week. I really like it - but apparently one can get sick from eating too much squash. My tummy was not happy the 4th day I had it. Variety is key.

It's the weekend...Valentine's day is on Monday. We are going to Brunch on Sunday because Brunch is my favorite meal of the week.

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