Thursday, September 12, 2013

4 Months....MARRIED that is.

As of yesterday, B and I have been married 4 months.

Time is flying by, but I wanted to reflect on how wonderful the last 4 months have been.

I never grew up thinking about the wedding I would have - I grew up wondering what kind of person my future husband would be. Lucky for me he is better than anything I ever imagined.

B's been traveling a lot lately and it really makes me miss him. Usually it isn't so back to back but for the next month or so he is only in town a few days at a time. It's ok though, we pack a lot into those few days!

I wake up every morning in disbelief that I am a wife! I love the feeling of knowing he is my husband. While in my heart I already felt like he was the one - saying the vows and making it real - it changed something.

I simply adore my husband.

I was out to dinner with friends who were talking about having to fix this or that around their house because their husbands or boyfriends weren't handy and they looked at me and I smiled. I knew that was not an issue with us. I also let it be known as I always have that I don't think we should talk about the negative things about the ones we love. I think we should build them up. I think they understood what I was getting at.

B can fix anything. We have two jet skis and an extra car that proves that! :) The extra car was bought recently as a project for him. It has been nice seeing him doing something he really loves. Not that he needs more projects- but cars are his hobby/passion outside of geology.  He has also fixed our garage opener, our dryer, our overhead vent and countless of other things in the time we have been together. I have learned quite a bit from him!

I feel lucky. Lucky that we've had such a wonderful 4 months, lucky that in October we will have been together 4 years and lucky that back when I was 21 years old, I met a guy who grew into a man who I had no idea would one day be my husband. I'm so grateful for our friendship but I am so blessed by his love.

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Maria Cristina said...

You write such beautiful posts! Congratulations :) xx