Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Favorites

I have a few favorites this week:

1. I have a TON of hair products. I ran out of one and just started using another one and I love it. I have really curly, really thick hair. I like wearing it curly. I got this as a sample I think in a birchbox or something and this stuff is amazing! And I know I am not the demographic this product is aimed towards- but I do not care. THIS STUFF IS AWESOME.

2. We went to Tony's Mexican Restaurant last night and they have the very best Chicken Tortilla Soup - $6. SO GOOD.

3.  Labello Fruity Shine. I found this in the bottom of my makeup drawer (I am slowly trying to actually use all of my makeup). It is the perfect color and shine for my lips.

4. Hanging out with my best friend. We met up for dinner last week and I just love her to pieces. She gets me. Everyone needs a friend like that. 

5. I'm going to a craft fair tomorrow and I cannot wait to see what they have!

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