Thursday, December 2, 2010

Weekend Wrapup- Florida Thanksgiving

So our Thanksgiving took place in Florida this year. Actually the weekend before Thanksgiving B and I headed up to Dallas to have an early Thanksgiving with his grandparents. B is an only child as is his father, which makes him the only grandkid - If Grandma wants you there, you go. It was great. The food was delicious and OMG her cookies are AMAZING. We had our "traditional" meal early.

So we left on Wednesday the 24th for Sunny Florida. His parents picked us up from the Palm Beach airport (they had been there since Sunday) and we headed for the boat in Delray.

Thursday morning we woke up LATE. (I was asleep until past 9, which is unheard of for me.)  B and I headed to breakfast at Boheme Bistro - delish french toast! We picked up what we thought were Chocolate Brioche for his parents and headed back to the boat. We spent the day out at Boca Lake just relaxing and cooked some burgers and just had a great time. For our actual Thanksgiving- we went ITALIAN! Vic and Angelos in Delray was so incredibly good- I mean lick the plate omg delicious- I had four cheese pear tortelloni...SO good.

Friday we slept in and spent the day out and about in Delray. B and I had breakfast at Caffe Luna Rosa on Ocean Blvd. DELISH pancakes.  We went to different shops and just relaxed. We walked down Atlanic Ave and tried all of the "you just gotta try it" things. We had conch fritters (LOVE) and we had mini a Linda Bean Lobster Roll. Too much good food in Florida!   B and I walked a little bit on the beach, took a nap and I got to finish the book I was reading. Saturday night we all headed to a Greek Restaurant that B has been talking about FOREVER. It's called Greek Islands Taverna and it is in Fort Lauderdale. SO GOOD. We had saganaki, shrimp, octopus, chicken, steak, and I am sure more things that I can't think of right now.

Saturday we headed out early to take the boat to a different Marina - we went from Delray to Palm Beach Gardens. It was nice being out on the open water and just relaxing. Dinner was at Carmines and was good - and a nice hop skip and a jump from the boat! :)

As you can see...we ate A LOT...and it was so good...but the Greek Restaurant was by far the very best Greek Food I've had since I was in Greece!

Overall, it was just a nice relaxing trip. I needed it!

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