Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Favorites

It's Friday and it is Favorite time again..and these past few weeks haven't been about "things" - something about this time of year that makes me thankful and makes me reflect on life - not the things in it - but who I surround myself with and how loved I feel.

So this Friday Favorite is...

My life.

It truly amazes me how incredibly blessed I am to have my life. Things have dramatically changed in the past almost 2 years. New place to live, new job, new friends, and yet some things have remained constant - great old friends, a wonderful family, amazing Godparents and truly a wonderful relationship with myself.

I look at 2010 and think - wow. What an incredible year. My 27th year started out at S.tephan P.yles restaurant in Dallas. It was magical and to be incredibly honest- a fantastic way to start the year...and since then EVERYTHING has been just as wonderful.

From the many trips
Florida (twice)
Galveston (MANY times)
Big Bend
California (La Jolla!)
to name a few....

To the many celebrations:
Birth of Children

To one amazing pup that makes my heart smile...

TO the quiet moments at home - I love my life.

I'm so incredibly lucky to have my life. :) Hope y'all have a wonderful New Years!

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