Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Favorite hair products:

1. Brazilian Blowout Shampoo

2. Brazilian Blowout Conditioner

Every since I got the Brazillian Blowout about 2 months ago those are the only 2 products I use in my unruly curly, frizzy hair...ever since I got the Brazillizn Blowout I have had fantastic, shiny, non frizzy amazing hair. What used t be an hour of getting my hair to do what I want...it is now literally 10 minutes.



Jennifer Gilbert Settle said...

Awesome! Where do you buy your shampoo & conditioner?

Kerbi said...

I have never heard of those? I need to try them! Where can you buy them?

Jenna said...

What's brazilian blow out? If it really makes your curly hair managable I want some!!

A Texas Gal said...

It's a brazillian keratin treatment- I bought a groupon for the treatment and went to the salon (it's normally 250-400) at salons but the groupon was 100. It was a stretch for me but omg worth it. It's a treatment that takes 2 hours. Then I bought the shampoo and conditioner and oh my it was worth it. My hair is ahhhhhhmazing! B even loves that it takes 10 minutes to do my hair. It lost all of the frizzies!! If you YouTube it you can learn more!