Thursday, January 31, 2013

100 days

In 100 Days, I will be waking up about right now. ON MY WEDDING DAY.

I will get up, put a cute little white dress on and head to my Bridal Brunch with some of the lively and lovely ladies that are in my bridal party. I will tell them each how much they mean to me, why I chose each one of them to be by my side. I will cry. I will drink Champagne and I will laugh.

I will then head back to the hotel where the hair and makeup team will be awaiting each of us. We will get beautiful, have pictures taken and enjoy the afternoon.

I will get into my beautiful amazing WEDDING DRESS.

My dad will then see me, his only daughter, as a bride. I will cry.

The music will start and it will all begin.

By IT - I mean this is the beginning on the newest journey - one that I am so excited for - I WILL BECOME A WIFE...and not just any WIFE...but B's WIFE.

I know things will not go exactly as planned (do they ever?!) but as long as 100 days from now, I end my day becoming his wife...all is well in the world.

We went from the very beginning:

The beginning


My life

to 100 days until we get married.

I am so blessed.


Al said...

eeeks! 100 days!!! I am so excited for you, gorgeous. You deserve every ounce of goodness this life has to offer. Soak up every second until that big day comes, but know that while the day will come and go too fast, you will have one hell of a marriage to follow!
Love you, sweetheart.

Worthington said...

It is such an exciting time for you. Enjoy every minute!