Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Favorites

So we are headed to Austin this weekend and I am so excited.

Favorites in Austin:

1. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-AUSTIN.   Did you have any doubts that this is my number 1?
2.  An old standby and favorite place ever...TRUDYS - because they have Mexican Martinis. The best drink ever.
3.  South Congress. This is where I love to find unique items and I love the "vibe" of the area.
4. Climbing Mount Bonnell - DURING THE DAY. (It is a teenager hangout at night). During the day it has beautiful views of Austin. So gorgeous.
5. Driving down 2222. It is my favorite road.
Lastly though - My favorites in Austin are the people. Mainly my best friend and B's best friend both live there. They and their spouses were the lucky ones - they graduated from UT and got to live in Austin.

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