Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My brother's birthday - a weekend of drinking

My brother got into Houston on Friday night.

B and I had dinner with a few friends and then we all met up with him at a bar called Cottonwood. It was so much fun.  Think college bar - with bocce ball, bags, horseshoes and washers - and yet not dirty and gross.

We drank and celebrated.

A thrilled brother...

Saturday night was family dinner. We went to Coppa and it was fantastic. They even brought out cotton candy with a sparkler in it for him.  Afterwards, we all went back to Cottonwood. This included my parents and my grandfather.
We met up with more friends and just laughed.

All in all - a wonderful time.

I am still recovering.

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Worthington said...

How fun! Would love to see some pictures. My brother's birthday is on New Years Eve. Which has always been fun as a family since we were little as to see how we celebrate changes over time.