Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Favorites

Since this is my first Friday Favorites since Christmas - I will post my favorite Christmas Presents:

1. My future MIL bought me stationery with my married name on it. I love it. It was the first time I saw my "new" name in print and I thought it was incredibly thoughtful.

2. My parents gave me my SCUBA lesson/certification program. I cannot wait to get certified so that I can dive in Thailand!

3.  My brother got B and I both UT snuggies. It was hilarious. They are burnt orange and tacky and wonderful.

4.  My future MIL also got me a beautiful Clutch that I just love. It is so me and I never would have splurged for it myself.

5. B and I got each other our wedding rings - ok we said we were going to get them, but we have yet to actually go get them - We've tried them on, now we just need to go pay for them!

Did you get any Christmas presents that you just love?!

1 comment:

Worthington said...

Your Mother In Law sounds like such a wonderful person! What fabulous gifts all around. I had a very nice Christmas, especially when I think about it all coming through post-wedding.