Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy 27th to my baby brother

Friday Favorite - The fact that I am an older sister to the most amazing little brother.

My baby brother is 27 years old today.

He has grown up so quickly into such a wonderful person. I am so blessed to be his sister and even more blessed that we have chosen to be friends. I feel that I have to state that because I believe that while yes we are family, lots of siblings do not get along and lots of siblings do not consider each other to be friends. I consider my brother to be one of my best friends.

This is BOTH of our favorites - us in Colorado - I am sure I have posted it a zillion times - but it makes me smile every single time I see it.  It makes me think of his nickname for me when we were little because he couldn't say my name - He would call me "Ala"
Life without him would be indescribable - I cannot imagine not having him around and lucky for me, for the first time in YEARS he lives in the same state as I do. I love it.
I'm truly blessed to have such an amazing family.
To my baby brother:
I am so incredibly proud of you. You have always been kind, caring and full of joy (and energy)!  Mom and Dad used to tell me how you missed me when I left for school, or if you were with them running errands, they let you get a piece of candy you would say, "only if Ala gets one too."
As the years flew by, I couldn't wait to get my license and do my own thing - only then did I find out I was allowed to drive ONLY if I also was in charge of getting you to tennis and other activities. I remember when we drove around the 610 loop TRYING to find some tennis place - I think we found after the 2nd lap. I remember all of our vacations - you were my friend, my travel buddy, and you never were that "annoying" little brother. I loved having you around. We would explore everything. I still cannot believe that at 18 and 15 years old our parents let us drive from Texas to Florida. It was FREEDOM. (You drove WAY too fast and I let you drive WAY TOO MUCH of that trip).
The day mom and dad dropped me off at college, I was so incredibly excited. Life was about to begin! The thing I remember as I left the house that morning was the realization that you and I would never live under the same roof again. That saddened me. I tried my hardest to be at every event that would be considered "important" to you in high school. I hope you never felt that I didn't care. I hated hearing about how great you were doing and yet not being there to see it all happen. I LOVED when your tennis team would make state because I knew that meant you would be in Austin and I would see you - even if just for a few hours. Even if it meant watching tennis - my all time favorite sport to watch ;)
I knew when you left for college you would understand why I hardly came home - because I was growing up, seeing the world, meeting people and trying new and exciting things (and partying) - you were the same way.  The fun rivalry between our teams, going to Lincoln and you coming to Austin - all of those memories bring joy to my heart.
After graduation, you came back to Texas. Albeit not Houston - but you weren't THAT far away - you were close enough for a weekend visit!
When you got into Law School - I was so happy for you and yet saddened because that meant you were leaving Texas once again.  I know those years were tough and terrible (and good too).  I'm so glad that afterwards you were employed in Texas. I am glad you are home - not in Houston, but close enough!
I am so proud of you. I am proud of your accomplishments, who you are and what you stand for. I am the luckiest person in the world to have such an incredible brother.
I am lucky that you and B seem to laugh together (probably at me most of the time) and seem to have a good relationship forming.  
I know there are more memories to be made, more adventure and more exciting times. I cannot wait.  
I love you.

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Dawn said...

This is the sweetest thing ever! I can only dream my kids will feel this way about each other one day.