Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Whatever Wednesday

So it is freezing in Houston. And I hate it. I don't live in Chicago, I don't live in NYC - I live in Houston. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

Also - my office has COLD AIR BLOWING. My fingers are almost blue.

Ok I'm done ranting.

Onto raving - Since the weather sucks my face is super dry. So I needed an intense moisturizer - I've been using YU-BE and I LOVE IT.  I am sure I couldn't use it year round due to the humidity in these parts, but for now - thank you sephora for my 3 little tubes that are getting me through this weather!
This stuff is FANTASTIC.
Onto other useless junk in my head:
On the new years plan I also wanted to lose 30lbs before the wedding. I'm at 11 lost so far. Holy amazingness. I haven't done a lot besides be REALLY conscious to what the heck I put in my mouth. So yeah... I didn't mean to lose that much so quickly - but I also feel like my body was like "get rid of this junk NOW"  - So I am on a lean and green diet along with a protein shake in the AM.  I know it will tailor off - but I would love to be down 20 total by February 16.
I cannot believe the wedding is less than 4 months away. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? Soon I will be able to say under 100 days. I remember when it was 300 days. I cannot wait to be married to such an amazing man.
I never knew I cared so much about how a table looks until now - ya know the whole wedding planning thing. I also never knew I cared so much about useless things like place cards, menus etc. Oh yeah.
My bridal shower is in a few weeks. I am very excited. It is being thrown by two of my mother's best friends. I am truly lucky and very blessed. B and I are having a couples shower in April that is being thrown by his Aunt up in Dallas.
Today my friend V and I are going to a Kendra Scott store opening here in Houston - I cannot wait to see all of the things and then I cannot wait to go to Happy Hour - even though I will only be able to have 1 drink and only veggies to munch on - see above about weight loss.
So yeah - that's what is swirling in my head.

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