Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Whatever Wednesday- actually about wedding things

After work today I meet with my mom. To discuss wedding cakes. Now, my mom and I have VERY different ideas about wedding cakes.

My mom's 1976 cake was over the top - it had bridges, doves, a fountain, and 6 cakes. (4 tall and two coming from the bridges.)   Now, she doesn't want that for me (THANK GOODNESS) but she does want something over the top. She thinks of the wedding cake as something everyone goes and looks at and she may be right - I just never noticed any - I'm not much of a cake person to begin with- especially ones that are not chocolate - so I always noticed the groom's cake, not the "brides".

This makes it a problem because - B's cake is OVER THE TOP AWESOME. I am so excited about it. Mine - not so much. Mine is a wedding cake - his is one of those 3-D cakes - and so very him....

So how to make a cake "more like me" - I have no idea. Here are some that I like....

All of them I would change up to meet what I would want...but that's a start.

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