Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 22: Share about your hobbies

I don't have a lot of hobbies - I go camping with B. I really enjoy that. I would like to get more into volunteering and I enjoy thrift store shopping.

This week at the thrift store I got:

Hunter Boots - barely used - $10
Turquoise necklace - $10
Louis Vuitton bag (needs some TLC) - $20.

I think at $40 for those items I did really well. I actually found the LV bag but showed it to V as I didn't need it. The other two things are mine. It rained this weekend so I got to actually used the boots - LOVE THEM

1 comment:

Katie said...

I would for sure call thrifting a hobby! I wish I had some more time for it because I know I could find some amazing books for my classroom!