Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 17: Something you regret

I don't really tend to regret things. Honestly, I try to live in a way that when I look back at my life I live with no regrets, just learning experiences.

But if I had to say I regretted something - it would be someone I dated in the past.

 I regret that I let someone break me down and hurt me like I let him. I say I let him because I did. I didn't walk away the first time he said those things and I should have.

I will say that because of that relationship and because of my ability to bounce back more positive and happier than ever before - I found myself again. I found my voice.

 I am so much more appreciative and thankful for this gift from God that is my wonderful and loving relationship with B. Because love - love is a gift from God.


Marina said...

I love your thinking. I also don't regret anything. My life was my choice and it wouldn't be good if I regret anything.

Katie said...

I truly believe that God puts instances in our life like yours to make us stronger women! I am sure it also only strengthened your relationship with B.