Monday, January 31, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday - Friendships

It's Top 2 Tuesday Again...

Top 2 Things You have learned about Friendship - ok or top 4.

1. To only be friends with people that value you the same as you value them. There are times when you are needed more than you need them and vice versa. But in the end, make sure you are valued. I have been used too many times and so just like I said in THIS post... "But my time, ME - I am more valuable than a fake friendship."  and "But the friends that I have deep conversations with, that know ME, that want to know how I am doing and don't want to hear "fine" - I always ALWAYS have time for them."

2.  Friendships evolve and change. For example - my best friend is pregnant with her first child. Our friendship is changing- and that is ok. Her life is about to truly change again. Our friendship changed when she got married as well (and that is ok!). We have learned that when something changes you can grow together or apart. I know she will be busy with the baby and I know she will be a wonderful parent, but that means our talks all of the time, they won't be as often. That also means our ALONE time will be all the more precious. I've just learned that also my life has changed - so our friendship has.

3. Lastly - When your best friend tells you "you have to meet this person, I just know you will be great friends with her. You like similar things and are going through the same thing right now" believe her. I met that person and V has become such an amazing friend. Actually I would say V has become my "other" best friend.

4. You can't have enough friends. As long as they are TRUE friends.


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

great list!

AndreaLeigh said...

loved your #2. people change, and if we want to keep them in our lives, we must change and adapt with them.

Brianna! said...

cute blog
stopping by from TOP TWO TUESDAY!