Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years

B and I had a fantastic New Years! (if you can't tell from the photo!)

It all started at a friends house - we grilled steaks and had a yummy dinner with champagne and wine. Then we headed to the St. Regis to ring in the New Year. We partied and truly had a wonderful time. We left around 12:45 as our friends were getting and so were we. Our friends live a few blocks away from one of B's fraternity brothers that was also having a party so we decided to stop by for a little bit. A LITTLE bit turned into almost 4:30AM. Needless to say, it was fun.

On our way home we saw some BEAUTIFUL German Shepherds running about a major road. So of course B pulls over, corrals them into the car and takes them to their home. WE called the number on their tags and since there was no answer we just went to their house. The dogs were precious. The owners....were a bit confused as they had no idea their HUGE dogs got out. Knocking on the door at almost 5AM...yeah they were a bit scared at us until we explained the situation...then they were nothing but so incredibly happy their dogs were home.

I'd be so upset if we lost Roxy so even though I thought B was CRAZY for putting them in the car, I am glad they are home with their owners. He always does the right thing!

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