Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Favorites

B will laugh at this but today's Friday Favorites...


I love coupons. Does anyone else cut coupons like I do? I don't go overboard like the TLC Extreme Coupon people...but I do try to combine my coupons with sales...for example:

CVS was having a sale on makeup. UP to 75% off! Of course I indulged...because that is what I do!
So before sale and without coupons the items would have been a total of $175! With the sale combined with coupons I spent $22. Some items I bought because I thought they would be fun to "play" with - I mean I love playing with eye shadow and other things I stocked up on - hello Revlon black eyeliner that I love. So yeah. I love coupons. More than I should. I am ok with it.

I also love sales...but that is another Friday favorite sometime! :)


Eliza Jane said...

I adore coupons! I use them all the time.

nichole said...

i want to be a coupon queen, but i just cant get my mind wrapped around it! weird? i guess so - but it just seems soo difficult to me.