Thursday, January 27, 2011


Thanks to Buford Betty and all of her posts about getting out of debt, I decided to have a budget and stick to it this year. I don't really have much debt - no school loans, no consumer credit card debt...all I have is a car payment. I am pretty responsible when it comes to money...but I realized that I know how much I make and my savings should have A LOT more in it. So comes in the budget. I am almost 1 month down. I put all the amount I wanted to put in savings this month, I didn't eat out as much as I normally do as it is cheaper to eat at home and much healthier. B and I still had date nights, I still went for drinks with friends but instead of "oh I dont know what to make to tonight, let's go out" I had a plan.

I menu plan for the week EVERY Sunday. It really helps. WE do most of our cooking at B's place - because well his kitchen is SO MUCH BETTER than mine...and bigger. I subscribe to Cooking Light  Magazine and I have to say- we love it. I have yet to make something that wasn't just absolutely delish.

Anyway- if anyone needs tips on menu planning, eating in more etc- I can help. What I can't help with is the the WANT to do the dishes after you cook them...I still hate that part. :O)


Jeromy and Meghan said...
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Jeromy and Meghan said...

I love your tip about making a menu plan every week.. I have always thought about doing it.. Now I think its time to put it into effect.. Thanks for the tips : )