Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Whatever Wednesday- NEGATIVE

So today has been an amazing day.

I have written about "the big C"  a few are the posts in chronological order should you want to have a little bit of knowledge as to what I am talking about. I RARELY talk about something that I have been dealing with since 2009.

January 2009

April 2011

October 2011

November 2012

Today I got the call from my doctor. They said my tests came back 100% negative. I am in shock. I am so overjoyed. I go back in 6 months.


So here we go. The doctor said they think/are hopeful that this will all be behind me.

Is it time for champagne yet?


Adrienne Shubin said...

Such wonderful news! I will toast to your continued health tonight at dinner.
Big hugs to you,

Kathryn said...

That's wonderful news, so happy for you!

Dawn said...

Hooray! So happy to hear this!

Melissa said...

Cheers to this fabulous news!