Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Whatever Wednesday

So I need more blogs to read. I've been reading some of the same blogs for years...I feel like I actually know some of the people (which is weird, but whatever!)

Here are SOME of my favorites:

1. Dawn's food blog. I have made so many of the recipes posted - and she is lovely. I love this blog so much. I feel it was fate to find it when we were paired up in a swap.

2. Christina's - Hungry Meets Healthy - I have no idea how I found this blog - but I love it. I also love that she makes me feel lazy and so reading her blog makes me get out and MOVE.

3. Al's Traffic Jelly - I love Al. I love that we are friends, that we e-mail one another and encourage one another. She is fantastic.

4. Adrienne's The Rich Life (on a budget) - I find her thrifting very inspiring and I love her happy outlook on life.

5. Melissa's Beantown Prepster: Part Deux- I love reading about life as an expat - I've followed her from when she was still in law school, through getting married and now living in England!

This are NOT all of the ones I read, but these are ones I encourage you to check out!

What are your favorites? I'd love to see more! :)


Dawn said...

I am so honored to be included here. Thank you so much! I so enjoy reading about your life and wedding plans -- takes me back to a very happy time!

I have been so sick lately, and it's been hard to write or cook, but I need to step up my game now! :)

Christina said...

awww! you are too sweet!!! i'm glad i can motivate you! xo