Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whatever Wednesday

1. So my Houston bridal shower was this past weekend. To say I was completely blown away by how much work the hostesses did to make this event so special, would be an understatement. I am so incredibly blessed.  I will do an entire post on this once I have the pictures.

2. I have to register for more items as my friends and family are WAY TOO GENEROUS. I have almost nothing left on the registry and I have another shower and the actual wedding to go!

3. B was in London during the shower and he texted and called me during it to let me know how much I am thought of and loved. It warmed my heart so much.

4. Thursday night the girls and I are going to some new restaurant opening and I can't wait. We don't get together often enough - and usually it is for sushi - so this is something new and exicting for us.

5.  B gets fitted for his tux this weekend. I don't think he is thrilled.

6. Some people annoy me. A LOT.

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