Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weekend Roundup

So...I know it is Thursday and I know this post is about 3 days too late - OH WELL DEAL.  ;)

This past weekend was a weekend that I NEEDED.

I headed to the ATX for a bachelorette party.

Friday I stayed at K's house - I actually got into the ATX around 4 and spent the next few hours with K and baby K. Baby K is our flower girl and I just love her to piece - the sweetest cutest most amazing kid. (Of course she is - her mom is my best friend!) Anyway - I needed the hours of talking, drinking and seeing my best friend. We stayed up talking around the kitchen table until about 1AM - we both woke up with incredible hangovers - 100% awesome.

I headed into town and met the rest of the bachelorette party crew on Saturday morning. We ended up eat way too much food, walking around Austin and just remembering what it was like to be a college kid again. We went to the hotel - had a lingerie party - OH LA LA - and then headed for tailgating - because a bachelorette party in September in Texas ALWAYS includes Football and beer. We drank and ate some more and then headed back to the hotel to change into our ROCK STAR attire - oh yes we went down 6th street rocking it 80s style. It was amazing.

I would say I have pictures - but pretty much none are ok for Internet usage!

I love my girlfriends - I love our no drama happy weekends.

This of course has me starting to think of my own bachelorette party - hopefully in NOLA.

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Worthington said...

I bet the lingerie party was fun/funny. I'm kind-of glad my friends did not do one of those for me - I worked IN lingerie for years as a buyer/saleswoman so they know I have plenty!