Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - flowers

 Let's discuss flowers.

My colors are blush pink, light green, gold and ivory.   I know this means pretty much any flower goes - which is awesome.

Here are my favorites:

Garden Roses
Mini Calla Lillies

Belles of Ireland
Hanging Amaranthus


Worthington said...

What beautiful color combinations - you will have a lot of fun with those shades!

Dawn said...

Gorgeous! I especially love the hydrangea. However, I am currently reading The Language of Flowers (great book) and now that I know flowers stand for different things, it's hard to not associate those things with the flowers (hydrangea means heartlessness and frigidity, for example). So it might be fun to look up the "flower language" to help you make your selection, or at least throw in a flower with a quality that you'd wish for in a marriage.