Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Favorites

I haven't done a favorites post in a I figured why not now:

1. Clinique Airbrush Concealer.

This stuff is amazing. I actually learned about this stuff from Lisa Eldridge - if you love makeup, her blog is AMAZING.  At only $19.50 I think this is a pretty great product. Let it be known I have pretty flawless skin (not to brag...but I break out into one or two pimples a month) so I use this mostly for under eyes and as a brightener. I don't really wear FULL face makeup all that often. I thank my mom so much for my skin as she has amazing skin. (She has less wrinkles than I do - she has olive skin tone and I WISH I had that!)

2.  Bridier Baubles
Everytime I wear one of the pieces I have bought, I get compliments. I just love their pieces. The price point is a great price point - plus she sells BURNT ORANGE ITEMS.  This Longhorn is very happy.  The burnt orange bubble necklace is my favorite and I wore it to the game two weeks ago and I got so many compliments!

3. Audiobooks
Ok so there isn't a link- but I have a secret...or not so secret secret - I LOVE TO READ. I don't get to as often as I woud like, but I do go to the library and check out the audiobook and hardcover book of the same book. I pop in the audiobook and start "reading" - I make note when the reader says a new chapter and when it is time to read at bedtime, I find my place and start reading. TIP: finish reading an entire chapter, that way you can skip the CD to new tracks as most new chapters start on a fresh track.
I get through books so quickly this way. Plus I don't have to listen to DJs on the radio.
I ALWAYS get a book on tape if I am driving more than an hour anywhere as that means at minimum 2 hours in the car - and a lot of books are 8-10 hours- you can get pretty far into the books!

4.  Tights, Blazers and Cardigans
It is still hot here in Htown, but I like to look like fall - I can throw a blazer on over summer dresses and bring them into fall. Now I just want it to be in the 60s and 70s so I can wear all of my tights! I love some color on my legs - especially since they are PALE PALE PALE

5. Girls night out - especially when it is at Neimans on a Tuesday and you get free stuff. This past Tuesday a girlfriend and I went to a makeup event at Neimans. We got a giftbox FULL of free makeup stuff (which I love and I have started trying out the new products!) and we got free Champagne, small bites, and our makeup done at the Chanel counter - we both got new lipsticks that are out of our comfort zone but in a great way - and then we decided we looked to fabulous to NOT go out - so we did. It was wonderful.

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Stephen said...

This might or might not be any use to you on the audiobooks front, but something I really love us iTunes U - huge amounts of tertiary ed materials including whole lecture courses get put up there, and I kind of enjoy picking up the stuff I couldn‘t study back in the day.