Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Five

Friday favorites:

1. Target. I get all kinds of cute dresses from Target - but I have a rule - no more than $20 for a dress from Target. They ALWAYS go on I wait until the dress is under $20. Usually I try on in the store and and then look online. I always buy online because of coupon codes and variety. I will say I am guilty of the "Oh my shopping cart has $44 in it and I need $6 more for free shipping" so I add something that I may not normally try on - it is hit or miss - but you can always return!

2. Starbucks - pumpkin spice latte AND salted caramel fraps - I love fall - and I love that having a latte makes me THINK it is fall in Texas...even if it is 88 degrees outside when I wake up in the morning!

3. My new Chanel lipstick. Ok - I love makeup- I think EVERYONE knows this by now. Last week V and I went to a makeup event at Neimans. I fell in love with this lipstick! It is part of the Rouge Allue collection and the packaging is beautiful!

IT is amazing - and stupid expensive. It is my ONLY makeup purchase for this month.

4.  I bought my dress!!! My wedding dress TOTALLY counts as a Friday Five!

5. B comes home. He's been in Montana for work. I've missed him!

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