Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Washington, D.C.

Pictures will come when I am not lazy and upload them!

I spent the last three days in DC with B. He's never been and it was so much fun!
We got in late on Friday night.

On Saturday we met my cousin for brunch at Beacon Bar and Grill where we proceeded to indulge in the Saturday 3 course brunch with unlimited mimosas. IT WAS GREAT!!

From there we went to the Air and Space museum, saw the White House, walked the mall, and just enjoyed being outside. Truly it was wonderful walking around (ok my feet hurt and I was tired at the end of the day FOR SURE!)  

For dinner we went to Siroc - hands down one of the best meals B and I have ever had together. The service was excellent, the meal DIVINE and it was romantic. :) For after dinner drinks we went to the Hay Adams --the Dark and Stormy did me in!

Sunday brought more site seeing - AND COLD WEATHER. We saw the monuments, the  Natural History museum and lots of tourist watching. :)   Lunch was had at Le Pain Quotidien and dinner...well that was a story!

We had reservations at Brasserie Beck - and went. My friend E had said "try the mussels they are the best" - um they were out of mussels...so then he said "try the steak frites" ...they were out of them...so we ordered anyway and I ordered the cassoulet...they were out of it. So I ended up with the trout. It was delicious ...as was the cheese course, B's pork belly and B's dish...and the wine and beer superb. I was just dissapointed...but the service WAS AMAZING. And then at the end we get our bill and the manager had taken off everything except the cheese plate and our drinks. Talk about a surprise. He felt bad that what we ordered was out and took care of it all. Everything we ate was delicious. I would still recommend it. They didn't have to do that, but they did anyway - I mean I made our reservation 2 weeks before we came - they just had a ridiculously busy weekend and never would have thought they would have sold out of most things!

Monday we say the American History museum, walked the mall and then headed home...

Overall it was wonderful - great to get away, see the sites and just be together AND to see my Cousin...as it was a little over a year to the day when his father passed away so it was nice for both of us to spend time together.

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