Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I am trying to simplify...

So sephora is one of my all time favorite stores....and this beauty chick hasn't been inside and bought or ordered from since November 12, 2009. THIS IS UNHEARD OF.

See...back in November I started organizing my beauty products, makeup, shampoos, conditioners and all else in my bathroom and I was OVERWHELMED by how much I owned. So I put myself on a 6 month hiatus from buying anything beauty related...or if something ran out... I could only buy one package at a since then I have not bought ONE SINGLE beauty item.

Inventory wise -
  • I still have enough shampoo and conditioner to last probably a year - and we aren't talking cheapo products either!
  • I have enough hair styling products to get me through the next decade
  • I am not allowed to buy makeup for a long time - some if it is still in boxes
  • I dont need lip glosses to save my life - I have over 15 left- although now I use them until they are empty and go to the next.
  • I am on my final bottle of face wash...well final 2 - one at my place and one at the bfs.
  • I have enough toothpaste for 3 years and toothbrushes to match (all in boxes)
  • I have enough bar soap (I'm old school and I love bar soap way more than body wash..I know I'm weird) for at least a year

See...the things I am going to buy in May are probably only 2 things...I need new mascara (I have one tube left...I just opened it for the first time) and I will probably need a thing of fash wash.

Does anyone else have too many beauty products? I'm seriously trying to simplify my life and not spend so much on products that end up being half empty but what can I say...I love packaging!

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Mary said...

It's so easy to have too much stuff in the bathroom. I stopped buying and haven't purchased any lotions, toothpaste, soap, in a looooong time and still have plenty!

New to your blog - love the sidebar lists! Fun!