Saturday, March 27, 2010

Girls night

So B is out of town at a bachelor party - they are camping and playing disc golf and eating at Perrys...a very tame bachelor party! (I like!)

So last night one of his female co-workers/friend invited me out for drinks. It was so much fun. We've hung out before and I honestly think she is great and I'm so glad we went out. I mean- UH alumni Rugby players showed up halfway through our night and insanity ensued and the night ended at Katz - so all in all a fabulous night!

I find the journey of meeting new people and making new friends very hard for me. While I am outgoing by nature, I am only outgoing with those I love and those that know me well. Whenever I meet someone it takes me a long time to get comfortable and just let loose. As I get older I find making friends easier and I guess it is a sign of being more comfortable with myself as well as just knowing everyone could always use more friends. In the past 2years my social circle, which ones consisted of me and just close friends, has expanded exponentially. I have let a lot of people in and I couldn't be happier - because truly life is party - you have to enjoy it. And enjoying it I am!

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