Friday, March 12, 2010

Fill in the blank Fridays

Taken from The little things we do fill in the blank Friday!

1. The best day ever was the: day I landed in Greece. It was the start of an adventure of 3 months backpacking and learning that no matter what I could get through anything.

2. My favorite meal of the day is: dinner because I usually enjoy it with great friends or family...or if I am lucky...both!

3. This weekend I am going camping! B and I are headed out to the beach to soak up some rays, read, relax and play with our favorite pup!

4. Never in my life have I gone skydiving. (I know I copped out)

5. The only thing better than a vacation is a vacation with those i love!

6. I could really do with some reece's peanut butter cups!

7. The most recent thing I bought myself was Lilly's Laurent Cardigan Ruffle. SO CUTE!

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