Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Not your typical Wedding Wednesday.

As this week we celebrated 3 years of dating (and in May when we get married we will be celebrating 10 years of friendship!) I wanted to go with Marriage advice -

So give me your best marriage advice (or if you are not married - advice you have heard through your friends etc.)

From my parents -  "Love deeply and say I'm sorry."  "Laugh every single day."

From my best friend "When fighting, be careful what your words are as what you feel about him and say about him are the most important words to him - make sure you are aware of this, even if it is the 500th time he forgot to take out the trash."

From my grandfather "Mama Connie (my grandmother) was always right. Even when I didn't want her to be."

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Tarsha! said...

Learn to argue in love. Meaning be mindful of what you say when you are angry, you can't take words back.