Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Favorites

I have a lot of favorite the THEME is websites:

1. ZAPPOS VIP - I have NO idea how I am an VIP of Zappos...but just the fact that I can get something the EXACT next day after ordering it - that is amazing.

2.  - Their prices are great AND their customer service is top notch. I ordered 2 things of clorox (don't judge!)  One leaked. I called them and explained they sent me 2 more plus an additional 20% off coupon for my time.   I also was given a coupon code for 20% off to share with friends:
This is what the email said:
 Refer-a-Friend Code is ANGE740504 . Any new customers who enter your code (or your email address) will get 20% off their first order. As a thank you, we'll donate up to $25 to the FEED foundation.   I don't benefit from you using the code - just wanted to pass it along!

3. Lands End.  I love that they pretty much have a coupon code going every other week or so. I love their cardigans! I love their coats. I love their Starfish collection - easy to wear separates to run around in.

4. Amazon. We have Amazon prime. I love Amazon. They have practically everything. We registered with Amazon. (And a few other places!)

5.  Lastly - Sephora.  I love makeup. I cannot help it. I haven't been to a sephora in ages - for that reason. I cannot walk out without having spent at least $50. So I haven't gone. I have WAY too much makeup and therefore I am on a hiatus. I don't need Blush, eyeliner, mascara (until December 1), foundation, moisturizers etc.  I have a huge bag of things to use up. So I think it will be a long time until I see a Sephora. My bathroom thanks me - as it is about to explode from products!

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Christina said...

Love this! I'm a huge fan of online shopping. Zappos is crazy fast!