Friday, October 12, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

Link up here and join in the fun....

1. My favorite flower is the peony. I just love them.

2. You should never talk about politics or religion IF you cannot handle not agreeing with everyone. If you love a healthy discussion to understand other ways of thinking - go for it.

3. My favorite discovery as of late is Dole's endless salad. The salad bag is amazing. I bring it to work and it is 2 days of lunches. DELISH!

4. In the fall you will probably find me wearing  Burnt Orange.

5. I wish I were  - stealing from Lauren...SLEEPING. I AM EXHAUSTED.

6. My favorite TV show currently is NEW GIRL.

7. This weekend I want to watch Football and figure out what the heck I am going to wear for our Engagement photos!


Al said...

Happy Weekend, gorgeous! And engagement photos - eeks!! So exciting!

And on sleeping - I came home from work yesterday and was sound asleep by 8:00. Woke up at 10 and let pups out, and then back to bed until 7:30 this morning! Lordy girl, do I know about sleep! :)


Holly said...

YAY for engagement photos, and for salad. :)