Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year and a confession

I took an unannounced, unplanned blogging break. It isn't that I was overwhelmed or anything - I just didn't have anything to put out there. I felt like I lost my "blogging voice".
I have a confession - I read a lot of blogs. I love blogs. I love reading about people and knowing other people whom I've never met are living such full and wonderful lives. I get ideas from y'all. The dayzero project, I learned about it from a blogger - she no longer blogs, but I learned about it and have been doing that challenge for almost 4 I learn to appreciate things. I learn about different products, shops etc from other bloggers. I love this about blogs.

Here is the confession - SOMETIMES (ok I lie, a lot of the time) - I feel my life is too boring or small to write about compared to some of the other blogs I read. Sure I travel and see new places, I go out with my friends, B and I have a weekly date night - but I wonder if these are even blogworthy experiences. I have to remind myself that EVERYTHING is blog worthy because it is my life. I may not be gallivanting all over the world (I WOULD LOVE TO BE!), I may not be shopping (self imposed STOP on all clothing into the house...I have 3 closets...all overflowing...mission organize is starting!) and I may not be at the hottest clubs/bars every night - but I am living a wonderful life. I did amazing things this past year and went on some great trips. I mean 10 days on B's parents boat in the Bahamas was incredible. Being in La Jolla with B is always a treat. I know I am lucky to have the experiences that I have. It is somewhat simple, but it is my life. 

I was discounting my experiences because others looked so much better - and that is silly. I love reading about y'alls lives and it truly gives me ideas. When I hear about a trip, new restaurant, new shirt, new lipstick - it has me intrigued - not to go buy the same thing, but to check it out and see. Sometimes there are big scores - a blogger friend got some good finds at a thrift shop and it made me think to go - and I found barely used hunter boots for $10.

Lastly - I missed my little blog. I love looking back at my life and seeing what I was up to/where I was in my life. It gives me balance. It helps me be positive.

I missed y'all and I missed writing even if it is about the little things.


Kelly V. said...

I agree! But I treat my blog like a written phone conversation because it's my communication link wit friends I don't talk to everyday. It keeps them informed & ultimately provides a great way to look back and see all I've done (big & small). Glad you've decided to keep blogging :)

LPC said...

A voice is not just what we do or could buy:).