Monday, January 9, 2012


It is obvious when you enter my world that I went to The University of Texas at Austin and I am incredibly proud of my school. I love Austin and hope one day to somehow make it back there full time.

I spent 18 hours in Austin this weekend. I got into Austin on Saturday afternoon and walked around, shopped some and just enjoyed BEING there.

I went to dinner with my best friend in the entire world - K. I was supposed to spend the previous evening at her house with her family, but I had been sick and I didn't want to get baby K sick so we opted for dinner instead.

I loved seeing her, talking with her and just knowing that no matter where life takes us, no matter what stages in life we are in - we will always be friends. I'm just truly lucky.

After dinner I met up with S, went to a concert, watched the rest of the Saints game and just chatted. She, another sorority sister, is my other "best friend" from college. We are completely different - in our views, our goals in life but as she stated we just click. We work. We truly are amazing friends.

I feel lucky to know some amazing friends. I would feel LUCKIER if they all lived in one city! :)

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Roni E. said...

First of all, I love Austin. I'm from San Antonio, but haven't lived there in almost a decade. However my heart has always been in Texas and I love going back "home" to see my family.
I know what you mean about having such solid friendships; girls that you don't have to talk to every day or every month, but no matter what, you know you'll always be friends. I love that feeling, but I too wish that all my besties were in the same city, or even the same state! :)