Monday, July 26, 2010

The Weekend

Friday B and I had our usual date night. I love date night. I love that he likes us to have us time. It makes me happy. We went for Sushi- always my favorite! Afterwards we met up with friends for a free Grey Goose Promo...I'm all about free Vodka! :)  Of course then everyone else wanted to eat dinner so we had margaritas and split an appetizer. All in all - fabulous night.

Saturday B and I met my family at the beach. Loved it. I love the beach and seeing my family. Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing B and my brother get along and laugh together. My brother is so important to me, and with B being an only child - he is the only sibling between us- I love my brother and I love that my brother loves B for me. Saturday night we went with some friends to listen to a live blues band. They were really good and B and I got to dance - not that he loved that part- but blues for him, dancing for me...good balance!

Sunday was our lazy day - grocery shopping, going to discovery green to see and play with the sailboats and movie night.

Fabulous weekend.

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