Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Date Night - Wine Bar #1!

B and I went on a date night yesterday. I had a bad day and it felt great to just get out and have fun. I love date night. We went to Cova- a wine bar and it was Steak night. Steak and shrimp and wine. Delish!

What I enjoyed most is our conversation - I love our conversations. Our conversations are what made us friends and truly every time we just sit and talk it makes me so happy.
They messed up our bill so we got a glass of wine each - on the was a lovely extra treat!

Afterwards we were going to go get ice cream but the ice cream shop locked RIGHT when we pulled up- but he surprised me and we went to Amy's (I didn't know we had an Amy's!) and it was delicious.

All in all - a fabulous date night with the one I love.

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