Thursday, July 29, 2010

10 years

I lost one of my best friends when I was in high school. I wrote about it here.

Saturday it will be exactly 10 years....

I was sending B an email today about it and decided to add the email in here.

I don't talk about her much and I don't talk about the accident or how it has affected me. I try to let the years go by and to live each day as happy as I can be. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don't. I cannot believe it has almost been 10 years. It amazes me how much "life" I have lived that she did not have the chance to. So many great and not so great things have happened.

I wish you could have met her.
I realized as I was thinking about her and what Saturday is, that this is his first "anniversary of their death" that he is in the free world. I wonder how he will mourn the loss. I wonder if he will stop by and pay his respects. I know how awful he feels and sorry he is for what happened. I know for him it is a life sentence. For me it just stops me at times. Certain instances make me think "I wish Caroline were here." My life moved forward and while his did too, his still stops and he still has the lingering of knowing what happened and what he caused.
Strange how fast the 10 years went by.

I truly cannot believe it has been 10 years.

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Jenna said...

How sad that happened. I can't imagine the pain you all went through. It's great that you still remember and celebrate her life! have agreat weekend