Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving and more

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. My little brother came into town and I am so glad I got to see him and spend time with him. Overall it was a wonderful time. I puppy sat for B. He was in FL with his family so I watched Roxy. She was such a doll. I joke with him that I like him just for his dog- and while it isn't true - I do love his dog!
I ate WAY too much, hung out with family and watched UT beat TAMU! HOOK EM! Friday I went out with V and her friend C. It was a crazy crazy evening. Frozen screwdrivers do us in EVERYTIME - and we finished it off with a trip to 59 diner. DELISH!
I spent Saturday recovering. I needed it. I also looked at furniture with my mom.

B came back in town on Sunday morning and we had quite the eventful day! I was so happy to see him and pick him up from the Airport. We then caught up and played with Roxy. My dad called and wanted B and I to meet him at Gander Mtn. I KNEW I was getting a gun for my birthday and I finally got to get it. I got a Remington Shotgun and I LOVE IT. B got me a gun cleaning kit and a rifle case for it for my birthday. He then took me to the shooting range and showed me how to clean it. It was a blast. I am so glad he is home.

What is wonderful about us and the shooting range - it is what we did when we went on our first date- 6 years ago. Yes B and I dated (albeit briefly) 6 years ago. See we dated a little bit, then were just friends (because I called it off). Then 3.5 years ago we dated briefly again, and he called it off and now here we are. Older and wiser and happier. I am so happy. I love my life.

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